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CSEA Atlantic City bus trip on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Click for details



News: We are becoming #UnionStronger since the SCOTUS case:  Full story

AFSCME: ‘Workers chose to stick with their union’  AFSCME posts strong membership gains in new filing with US Dept of Labor

NYS Retirement System info and phone number for consultations.

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CSEA Unit 9200 is proud to once again offer 12 (Twelve) $1,000 scholarships to the children of CSEA Unit 9200 union members. Details: on the Scholarships page

Union Strong:  Because of union power in New York, union members are now able to deduct their union dues on their NYS tax return.  This was effective April 2017 with the passage of the NYS budget and signed by Governor Cuomo. Details: Member Resources page



CSEA UNIT 9200 is 3,000 union member professionals working in all Westchester County departments.  The union members in CSEA 9200 provide services from engineering to inspections, from paving to snow plowing, from accounting to probation, from building maintenance to HVAC, from forestry to environmental compliance, from budgeting to surveying, from larviciding to forecasting, from permitting to fining, from flushing to trees, from sanitary sewers to storm water, from health to planning, from 2-way radio to video streaming, from web edits to graphic design, from road permits to home improvement, from background checks to public assistance, from pools to exit ramps, from software to nuts and bolts, from legal to social services, from flu shots to food stamps, from mechanical to civil, from recycling to water supplies, from CAD to RAM, from women to veterans, from children to seniors, from mental to physical, from electrical to snow plowing, from roads to parks, from clerical to laboratory, from cooling towers to vectors, from consoling to reviewing, from horticultural to structural, from cement to steel, from homelessness to legal petitions, from HazMat to land use, from apps to GIS, from Java to Unix, from DVI to gigabit, from HVAC to PINS, from walking trails to veterans, from birth certificates to death, from air conditioning to septic, from x-rays to restaurants, from vulnerable to law breakers, from roof tops to tunnels, from fire readiness to disease control, from tourism to para-transit, from FTEs to SNAP, from legislative to human rights, from passports to elections, from signage to lane stripes, from gas pumps to emergency services, from correction to public safety, from buses to trash haulers, from taxis to runways, from MCSW weigh scales to cold cut deli scales, from vote tallies to smokestacks, from road safety to traffic signals, from vaccinations to FSE, from snow plows to winter wonderlands, from tertiary treatment to airport facilities, from contract management to gauze bandages – and more!

CSEA 9200 union workers are the backbone of Westchester County.

Now that the Supreme Court has voted against municipal worker unions in the Janus versus AFSCME case let’s all stay Union Strong by signing a union card and staying as dues paying union members.
If we don’t we won’t have a union; with no union we won’t have a CSEA union contract. With no CSEA contract we have no salary scale, no steps, no health insurance, no rights, and all other benefits in our contract.
Our union membership is the best form of job insurance.

June 27, 2018: Supreme Court Sides with Billionaires Over Working People

The U.S. Supreme Court today sided with powerful CEOs, billionaires and corporate special interests against public service workers and everyday working people in the case Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. Despite their unprecedented political attack to use the highest court in the land to do their bidding, their efforts won’t work because AFSCME members are more committed than ever before to stick together.


click: Trump Administration Sides With Corporations in Janus v. AFSCME

“This is not just a slap in the face to the working people Donald Trump pledged to lift up, it is a promise broken to anyone who hoped his presidency would be about raising wages, creating good jobs, and giving the forgotten man and woman a voice in their country. The ‘right-to-work’ law his administration has asked the highest court in the land to implement will drive wages down and fundamentally strip working people of the freedom to build power in numbers and negotiate a fair return on their work.   “For the Solicitor General’s Office to reverse positions under the Trump administration – when they have argued in support of the Abood precedent twice in the past four years –  underscores the fact that this case is a purely political attack on the freedoms of working people. ”


 Regular Medical Check-Ups are Important

Because of our CSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, we have health insurance for ourselves and family members.  It’s time to take charge of your health!  Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discuss what screenings and exams you need and when you need them.  This link from the Centers for Disease Control has useful information on the value of annual doctor visits.  Don’t forget about Dental and Vision check-ups each year also!