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May 26, 1937
May 26, 2017
 Today is the 80th anniversary of The Battle of the Overpass. The United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther and union members were attacked, bloodied, and injured by hired Pinkerton private security guards from Ford Motor Co. as they tried to hand out union leaflets to workers at the Ford factory in Michigan.  Front page photos of the beatings appeared in all newspapers and the popularity of unions grew strongly.

June 19 & 20, 2017 (2 parts) Grievance Representative Training

Member training such as this makes our union stronger.
Monday, June 19th  and Tuesday, June 20th 2017.  Free.
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM: Registration    6:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Program
The workshop will be held at the CSEA Local 860 Office located at
595 West Hartsdale Avenue,  White Plains, 10607. Dinner provided.


Regular Medical Check-Ups are Important

Because of our CSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, we have health insurance for ourselves and family members.  It’s time to take charge of your health!  Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discuss what screenings and exams you need and when you need them.  This link from the Centers for Disease Control has useful information on the value of annual doctor visits.  Don’t forget about Dental and Vision check-ups each year also!


Vote NO for a NY State Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention Fact

The rights to join a union and collectively bargain are guaranteed in the state constitution. A state constitutional convention controlled by corporations and their lobbyists could eliminate this guarantee.   Same applies to the NY State Pension system.  CSEA urges all members and their families to VOTE NO to the Constitutional Convention proposal in Nov 2017 on Election Day.