Summer Mission for Westchester County Employees

Rosie the Riveter wearing sunglasses with text: It's going to be a hot union summerNew York is Union Strong because we are united. We share common values and interests, and we care about each other. One of the most important ways we can grow stronger as a movement is to talk with one another.

We’re making this summer a Hot Union Summer by having those conversations with members in every corner of the state. We want to hear from everyone about what they think our priorities should be as a movement, and what they think our state and federal elected officials should prioritize.

The survey is available online for any union member to take. Make sure your voice is heard!



Member Appreciation Day at Unit 9200

CSEA has designated May 19, this year as Member Appreciation Day in recognition of the work our members do every day. Throughout the month of May we have been holding Member Appreciation events in every region.

May 19 is CSEA Appreciation Day, a day to publicly recognize members throughout the state for their outstanding service to our communities. 

All CSEA members, whether they work for the state, a local government or school district or in the private sector, show up everyday – Rain or Shine – to provide services for communities across NY so our lives can keep running smoothly. 


2023 Scholarship Award Recipients, Congratulations, Grads!

Zahara Jackson     daughter of Jacqueline James from Department of Social Services

Syeda Ali                daughter of Majid Ali and Sydea Ali from Department of Social Services

Chelsea Matthews   daughter of Danita Matthews from Probation 

Albert Mundadan     son of Martin Mundadan from Department of Health

Jenna Xavier           daughter of Xavier Xavier from Department of Social Services

Tishyra Thomson*   daughter of Shaunise Ludvig from Department of Social Services

Ashley Edwards      daughter of Cameron Edwards from Probation

Alexander Rienzi     son of Paul Rienzi from Department of Public Works

Ava Davis                daughter of Sheryl Day-Davis from Probation 

Isabella Negro         daughter of Anna Lisa & Francesco Negro from Consumer Protection and Parks Department 

Connor Molloy        son of Lisa Mollow from Solid Waste 

Gayathri Kaimal      daughter of Girija Kaimal from Information Technology

Congratulations and Best of Luck in your future endeavors!  Westchester Strong!

*President’s Award Recipient

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Juneteenth Freedom Day – Stay Union! Stay Strong!

Juneteenth (also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day), celebrated on June 19, is the oldest known annual celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

It was on this day in 1865 that federal troops arrived in Texas to ensure that all Americans were free from slavery.  On June 17, 2021, it officially became a federal holiday.

CSEA members are encouraged to observe this day by celebrating Black history and culture through participation in Juneteenth events in your area. Links to local NAACP chapter are below; contact one in your area to learn about local events.

Click to read more on the History of Juneteenth

Our membership is made up of people from so many different backgrounds, ethnic groups and ideologies. And yet, we all strive for the same things, we all have the same basic needs: a job that pays a living wage, a home where we can raise our families, quality and affordable health care and the comfort of knowing that our retirement benefits are secure. I think that these are the things that really matter to the brothers and sisters of CSEA. When we make these our common goals and respect whatever differences there may be among us, we can and will be the best Union in the land! 


In Celebration of Employee Appreciation Day

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

In recognition of National Employee Appreciation Day, and on behalf of CSEA 9200, we would like to thank our members for their hard work and dedication.

It’s been 3 years since COVID arrived with chaos, change, fear and uncertainty and throughout all of it the members of CSEA stood strong. From the front lines to the office buildings, we were united.

You cared for our water and roads, our children and elderly, those with disabilities and special needs. You made summer arrive, with pools and parks and our scientists continued their vital work without delay.

Our CSEA 9200 members continue to serve Westchester County from border to border with pride and professionalism. “We Make Westchester Work” is more than simply a slogan, it is our continued commitment because of you.

 In Solidarity,

Hattie Adams

President CSEA Unit 9200