Constitutional Convention: Your Pension is at Risk

Watch this video and learn why a Constitutional Convention is bad for New Yorkers.


Constitutional Convention Fact:  New York State already has a legislative process to amend the state constitution that doesn’t cost taxpayers anything. A recent example is legalizing casino gaming in 2013.  Vote NO on this wasteful proposal that will be controlled by rich special insider groups!

NOTE: This is so important You and Your 18 yr old children should register (deadline for 2017 is Oct 13) to vote simply for this proposal. Voting is so easy. Register and Vote No !
If you moved or changed names due to marriage or divorce you need to Register again.
Look up your county Board of Elections and deliver your Voter Registration form to Vote No on November 7, 2017 !

Don’t Let your Pension Disappear

(2 sided single fold quick pamphlet)
Every worker in the US deserves a good pension.  But now, many want to eliminate good pensions for those who still have them.  The NY State Constitutional Convention threatens to remove the good pension municipal workers now are working towards.  Become aware with these 2 CSEA documents and 2 from our NYS AFL-CIO & NYSUT friends.  CSEA and many other unions representing municipal workers in NY State urge you and your family members to vote NO on the convention proposal in November 2017.

Constitutional Convention Fact:  The rights to join a union and collectively bargain are guaranteed in the state constitution. A state constitutional convention controlled by corporations and their lobbyists could eliminate this guarantee.  Unions would be weakened and our union contract rights would be gone together with our benefits, work schedules, due process for termination, and other rights we now enjoy.

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Constitutional Convention Facts and why we need to vote NO to protect our pensions and union rights: