Contract Negotiations Updates

This is our current Collective Bargaining Agreement [our contract] in effect until a new agreement is ratified by all members in CSEA 9200 and the Westchester County administration.
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Aug 3, 2018 Update

Our Most recent negotiations meeting with the county was held on Thursday, August 2nd.
The county’s latest proposal to us, in our opinion, is no better than what you, the membership overwhelmingly rejected in 2016.  We are still committed to a negotiating a fair contract, that represents significant improvement and increases over and above that rejected proposal.
The County is still holding their proposal for zeros in salary for 2012 and 2013, and your negotiating team has adamantly rejected that concept.
Since George Latimer has been elected as County Executive, we have had many meetings and we have made progress on some contract language.  However, the major settlement issues, which are our salary and benefits, are still the main focus of our negotiations, and as the numbers have continued to fluctuate, these issues remain unresolved.
Your negotiations team, which is appointed to represent you, is committed to negotiating a contract that will improve the working conditions, salary and benefits under which we work.
Your negotiations team shares your concerns and frustrations, and therefore we have determined that our next course of action will be to have the membership get involved and participate in “Stand Up for Your Contract” rallies at work locations all across the county on Wednesday, September 12th at 12 noon.
More details on this action will be distributed and discussed and at our Unit 9200 Membership Meeting on Tuesday, August 7th, 6pm at Westchester Community College, Classroom Building, Room C200, Parking lot #4
Please post and share this information with your co-workers.  We expect to see you there.

Karen Pecora, President
CSEA Unit 9200

Aug 2, 2018 Update

Good afternoon CSEA Unit 9200 members, our CSEA Negotiator and I met with the County Negotiator today to review our  most recent proposal.
Your CSEA Negotiations team will meet tomorrow to review what was discussed and prepare an update which will be shared with you.
Please note, that although the updates come from the president, they will not be at the sole discretion of the president , but from a majority  of the Negotiations committee and the Labor Relations Specialist (our Negotiator) who must agree with a majority vote.
Thank you for your continued support . 

Karen Pecora, President
CSEA Unit 9200

July 19, 2018 Update

Good morning CSEA members:
I know that many of you are frustrated with the lack of information that is being released to you regarding our current contract negotiations.
What we can share today is that the Journal News reported last week that the Westchester County auditors opinion is that if CSEA members were to get 1% per year for 7 years, it would cost the county $48 million dollars. That is a financial impact opinion of the audit firm O’Connor Davies.
Your negotiation team has never seen such a proposal from Westchester County.
We are dedicated to entering into an agreement that will maintain the amount of our contributions to our Health Benefits until we ratify another agreement.
We hope to meet with the county negotiators sometime next week. We are optimistic that we can find an agreement with Westchester County in the very near future.
Thank you again for your support for your CSEA negotiations team and of our union.
We, the 3,000 members of CSEA 9200, are the union.  

Karen Pecora, President
Have a safe and happy Summer!!!

March 23, 2018 Update

On Friday, March 23rd, your CSEA Unit 9200 Negotiations Team met with the Westchester County lead Negotiator and his team to resume negotiations.
A subcommittee was created, with 3 members from the CSEA Negotiations Team and 3 members from the Westchester County Negotiations Team, and will meet on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 to review information needed to move forward so that we may achieve our goal: a fair contract for all.   We will send updates after the entire Team meets with the county.
On behalf all the union officers and representatives, thank you for your  continued support.

March 20, 2018 Update

Your  CSEA 9200 Negotiations Team met yesterday  (March 19, 2018) with Westchester County Lead Negotiator to resume Negotiations.  We have a second meeting scheduled for Friday, March 23rd.   Look for a Negotiations update next week.   On behalf of the CSEA 9200 officers,  thank you for all you do for CSEA and Westchester County.


Sept 21, 2017 Update

Union disappointed county proposal nearly identical to defeated 2016 deal.

WHITE PLAINS – Negotiating team members for CSEA Westchester County Unit 9200 met Wednesday, Sept. 20 with county officials to resume negotiations for a successor agreement to the union contract that expired Dec. 31, 2011.  During that meeting, the county’s negotiator submitted a verbal offer, based on a proposal that was voted down in 2016 by 2,200 CSEA members. “This latest proposal is unacceptable to our CSEA Negotiating Committee,” said Unit 9200 President
Karen Pecora. “It was nearly identical to the agreement our members already overwhelmingly rejected. One of the changes they did offer was still not equitable to what they negotiated with other bargaining units.
CSEA submitted a written potential settlement proposal in April, and after five months, county officials rejected it almost in its entirety. Pecora noted that she and her officers, as well as Negotiating Committee members, are always available to meet with Westchester County negotiators to negotiate an agreement with new proposals, and not a version of the previous proposal that was voted down so overwhelmingly. “CSEA is confident that we can negotiate an agreement that is fair to both workers and taxpayers,” Pecora said.


Aug 8, 2017 Update

CSEA Unit 9200 Negotiator and Labor Relations Specialist has written to the Westchester Negotiator Vincent Toomey for a counter proposal and a new meeting date.  CSEA Unit 9200 presented a proposal to the Westchester administration in April 2017. That proposal was mailed to all members’ home addresses.

LSparber to Toomey Meeting Requested 8.8.17 Letter


July 25, 2017 Update

July 252017 update

June 19, 2017 Update to Members

The June 19, 2017 Negotiation session has been postponed at CSEA Negotiator Larry Sparber’s request due to the July 1, 2017 change in Unit 9200 leadership after the June 13, 2017 union election vote count.    The June 28, 2017 meeting has also been postponed.


May 16, 2017 Update to Members

The CSEA 9200 Negotiation Committee met on May 11, 2017 with the Westchester negotiator.  We consider the meeting good in that different concepts and ideas were verbally discussed and exchanged.  The County provided a copy of their cost computation of the CSEA proposal given to the County at our April 12, 2017 meeting.  Please note that the County did not have a counter proposal at the May meeting.  The Westchester County negotiator sent a letter summarizing in his words the meeting and is presented below (ignore his typo on the year in the body of the letter).  Your CSEA 9200 Negotiations team is determined to arrive at a settlement that is beneficial to our 3,000 members and their families which includes most of the important provisions detailed in the April 11 2017 proposal document mailed to your home address.  While the exact numbers from that proposal may likely change (that is the nature of negotiations) we are nonetheless determined to do well for our members and their families.

ToomeyMay12_2017LetterReNegotMeetingMay 11_2017


April 17, 2017 Letter to Members

All CSEA members should look for a direct mail to their home address for the CSEA contract proposal that your CSEA 9200 Negotiations team presented to the County of Westchester on April 12.  We met with the administration in the County Office Building in the County Executive meeting room.  We are sharing the details with all members to your home address.  The next scheduled negotiations meeting is May 11, 2017

Apr17 2017 Contract Negotiations Update


April 4, 2017 Letter re Scheduled April 12, 2017 Negotiations Meeting with Administration

The CSEA 9200 Contract Negotiations Committee is scheduled to meet with Westchester County and their lead negotiator on April 12, 2017.  We will keep the membership updated.  Thanks for your patience.
Apr5_2017_WeMeetApril12 w Admin Contract Neg

Feb 17, 2017 Letter to County Executive

Letter from CSEA 9200 Lead Negotiator to County Executive Rob Astorino demanding that the County come back to the Negotiation Table. CSEA remained patient as the Lead Negotiator for the County was called out of the State of New York several times to be with a terminally ill relative who passed away a few weeks ago after a long illness. We were very respectful of his situation and feel it is time to get back to the table.

We want to once again thank the membership for the overwhelming and very loud NO voice/vote [ Oct 31, 2016] that was sent back to the county in regards to their proposal. In the power and unity of that response CSEA 9200 will be able to present OUR proposal to the County from a position of strength.
The Negotiating Committee will be meeting shortly and as soon as we have a formal proposal, it will be shared with the membership.
Thank you.
Kwabena Manu
President,  Westchester County CSEA Unit 9200

CSEA9200 Feb2017 Letter to CE

Oct 31, 2016: American Arbitration Assoc. Certifies Union Members’ Vote on County of Westchester Contract Proposal.  

The contract proposal was one received from the County of Westchester June 29, 2016 after we had our heavily attended rallies on June 7, 2016.  We ordered 500 red T-shirts for those rallies and due to the huge participation by you, the CSEA 9200 membership, we ran out of T-shirts.  Members attended both the noon and 5 pm rallies from many work locations.  We urge all members to become aware and to participate in our events.


Jun 30, 2016  CSEA 9200 Contract Negotiations Update 

This contract proposal was received from the County of Westchester and we were required to bring it to the full membership for consideration and a vote.  Please recall we have had over 30 negotiations meetings with the County of Westchester since approximately Nov 2011.   On more than one occasion the County did not appear and asked that the meeting be rescheduled although the CSEA team was ready.

Contract Negotiations Update

June 7, 2016  Please Join CSEA 9200 as we Rally for a Contract


May 26, 2016 Journal News:  CSEA 9200 Workers Disgruntled, Plan a Protest 

5 26 16 Westchester-CSEA-Contract-Rally

Jan 21, 2016:  Latest CSEA 9200 Contract Negotiations Update

1 21 6 Contract-Negotiations-latest