Shop Stewards

A Shop Steward Knows:
Do you feel that your rights as an employee are sometimes being short-changed?
Have you ever had to deal with a situation in your workplace where your felt powerless when asked to do something you felt was not correct?

Do you know your unionized contract rights and responsibilities?
Would you like to?
Would you like to know first hand what our issues are that will affect all union members?
Would you like to be able to communicate that accurate info to your co-workers?

Then attend the next free training, and become a Shop Steward for your department or work unit.
Call the Union Office at (914) 995-2151 for info. Our Union stays strong when members get involved in their workplace to monitor the contract, uphold workers’ rights and unite co-workers together around important issues.

Shop Stewards play important roles:
Shop Stewards are Organizers who help mobilize members into action, encourage co-workers to come to meetings, and introduce themselves to new members.
Stewards are Educators who explain to members the importance of working union and how to make the Union Contract work for you. Education is a two way process. Stewards learn from the members about the issues happening in the workplace.
Stewards are Leaders and Communicators who keep the members informed about what happens at union meetings, community actions and other union activities. Stewards set examples for workplace fairness.
Stewards are Advocates who participate in Grievance Training and then are able to represent members at grievances and ensure just cause is met for disciplinary actions. Members rely on Grievance Trained Stewards to represent their needs and concerns.

If you are aware, active, passionate about what is right, and able to see through certain transparent management explanations, you should consider becoming a Union Shop Steward.

Click here for : Weingarten Rights
(the right to union representation when being questioned)




Just Like ROSIE the RIVETER, Get Involved !
More Shop Stewards are always needed.

Our  Union Meetings are on a Tuesday or Thursday at White Plains HS.

The meetings are open to ALL CSEA Union 9200 members – so be there !

We had overflow attendance at recent meetings! Please call or email the union office when meetings are announced to indicate you are attending.

Bring A New Member: At our meetings, it was again discussed that every current Unit 9200 Union Shop Steward and Activist who attends our meetings should strive to bring another CSEA member to the union meetings.

Talk to a prospective activist (a co-worker who is concerned about a work issue or about other workers) “one on one” and urge them to attend the next Member Meeting.
A LIGHT dinner is at 5:30 PM; the Meeting convenes 6 PM and is usually adjourned by 7 PM depending on issues to be discussed.

Click for Google maps & a directions option
to the CSEA 9200 Union Meetings at WP HS