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June 12, 2017   Unions Come into the Supreme Court Crosshairs, Again  
Unions again have reason to be nervous. Having already determined that the issue in the case warrants the court’s attention, the justices will probably agree to hear it.  And if Justice Gorsuch votes with the court’s more conservative members, which seems likely, millions of government workers in more than 20 states could be allowed to opt out of paying for collective bargaining, depriving unions of vast sums of money and making them less powerful and effective.


May 26 1937   May 26 2017  Today is the 80th anniversary of The Battle of the Overpass. The United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther and union members were attacked, bloodied, and injured by hired Pinkerton private security guards from Ford Motor Co. as they tried to hand out union leaflets to workers at the Ford factory in Michigan.  Front page photos of the beatings appeared in all newspapers and the popularity of unions grew strongly.



May 19 2017   $14M budget deficit projected for Westchester by Astorino administration through spokesman McCormack.  Each year the administration talks deficits, each year the books close with a surplus.


May 17 2017   Strong odor prompts Labor Department visit to Westchester Board of Elections   CSEA 9200 contacted NYS Labor Dept PESH unit to conduct a safety inspection due to worker complaints re ill effects from fumes and odors.



April 14, 2017    2017-18 Enacted New York State Budget Summary from CSEA headquarters


March 27 2017  Westchester Democrat Legislators propose paid sick days law





March 26 2017  Westchester to pay ex-employee $380,000 over firing





March 23 2017  An Era of Scorn for Our Government Workforce





March 23 2017  Very Few Unions in Alabama Auto Parts Firms; Rate of Injury Much Higher for Workers

Mar 17, 2017 Video:  CSEA workers on the job for Winter Storms

Dec 29 2016  Story: Plow Drivers Provide Vital Service