Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement Program – Pursuant to the current CSEA union contract, Westchester County reimburses eligible tuition expenses to members enrolled in Accredited College Studies.   This benefit is because of our CSEA union contract.

– Please read the complete application form to understand the requirements and congratulations on completing college courses!
– The Joint Westchester County/Union Tuition Reimbursement Committee reviews and approves tuition cost applications. The committee is composed of members of the County administration, CSEA Unit 9200 members, and members of other unions. Westchester County funds the tuition reimbursement per the percentage established each year by the Committee.  CSEA union members receive this benefit as per our Collective Bargaining Agreement between CSEA and the County of Westchester.

It is your responsibility to deliver the completed application, or have it delivered, on time in the office of the Westchester County Human Resources, in White Plains, NY.
Do not use interoffice mail if you are submitting it the last minute.
Submission Deadline is in January of each year.
Check the Westchester County Intranet Web for deadline details starting in October