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April 29, 2024 Benefits Updated Information

CSEA Driver Discount


click to reach the Prudential website

CSEA members may enroll in the Deferred Compensation plan offered by Westchester County with Prudential Investment Management Services.  Click this link to reach the Prudential website to access information and to sign in if you are a current participant.  Click here to reach the Westchester representatives.  You may schedule an appointment in their 7th floor office in 148 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY in the Westchester County Office Building. The main number is (877) 778-2100.  Appointments at a location of your choosing are also possible.


Health Coverage Notice:
When obtaining medical services, please be certain that ALL medical technicians, doctors, physician’s assistants, emergency rooms, nursing care, medical transport, anesthesiologists, testing laboratories, and all other aspects of the medical services you receive are participants of your current health provider plan, be it UMR [POMCO] or one of the other providers. 

If that is not insisted, some non-participating provider medical expenses will not be fully covered by your plan.



Sick Leave NY Times Article  There is a high cost when millions don’t have Paid Sick Leave.  That server or waiter might be working sick because calling in sick means not being paid.  


$10,000 ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT New Member Benefit for CSEA members only! No Premiums | No Application | No Kidding! There’s no application to fill out, no premiums to pay. There’s no cost to you.
Click: to download your $10,000 insurance certificate and the beneficiary form.  (You will need to look up your CSEA ID number on the same web page)

Learn more about important CSEA member-only insurance products at 

Approaching Retirement?
Contact Pearl Insurance at 1 (877) 847-2732  for questions regarding union insurance  plans after leaving County service.
The number is 1(877) 847-2732.   Pearl Insurance website.


Pearl Insurance Retiree Insurance for Dental and Vision Coverage

 Union Workers Have Better Health Care and Pensions

CSEA Unit 9200 members working for Westchester County departments have medical care and hospitalization coverage for themselves and family/partner members.  In addition, family dental and vision benefits are provided to the Unit 9200 union member and family/partner members. These benefits have been negotiated into the current Collective Bargaining Agreement union contract.

CSEA Valuable Insurance Program: Add an extra layer of protection to your health, lives, and families by obtaining additional insurance through Pearl Carroll and Assoc.These plans are underwritten by some of the most respected insurance companies in the business and premium payments are easily made using payroll deduction.
Contact Pearl Carroll at 1 (877) 847-2732 or click here to see the Pearl Carroll website. website Many Benefits and Discounts for Union Members


Any Problems with UMR/ POMCO, Caremark, or the HMO plan ?
You may inform the Health Benefits Committee.  Use this form; print the request form and submit copies of documentation re the issue.