CSEA Leadership Empowerment Summer Update

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Don’t get fooled- Anti-Union groups continue to outreach to our members.  

We have been informed that the Freedom Foundation sent fraudulent mailers to some of our members with a return address indicating that it came from [CSEA Executive Offices].  These mailers did not come from my office or our Union.  CSEA will intiate a robocall campaign to those members to combat the foundation’s efforts.  As always this is a reminder that we must all be diligent and continue to make sure our members are all aware of the benefits they gain by being a member of CSEA ad what they would lose without us! – CSEA President Mary Sullivan 

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The time to act is NOW! – Fix Tier 6


(credit: CSEANY.org)

When New York State implemented a sixth tier in the NYS Pension System ten years ago, over CSEA’s very strong objections, they weakened benefits, contributing to the staffing crisis many public employers are now facing. Under Tier 6, public pension benefits are no longer as attractive to recruit and retain workers.

It’s time to improve Tier 6 to better recruit and retain workers, and to enhance benefits for dedicated public workers!

That’s why CSEA is launching our FIX TIER 6 campaign! Urgent action is needed and we need your help!

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