Celebrate National Women’s History Month!

☘️ March is National Woman’s History Month! 

This month we commemorate the history and achievements of all women from various backgrounds who paved the way for equality and social justice. Women together will leave our mark and our story will shine like a light in the dark. ☘️


Holiday Message from the President

Seasons Greetings, Members!

As you may have noticed, the holiday season is in full swing. The Unit 9200 Executive Board wishes you and your family, a safe and happy holiday season!

Your hard work has made you a shining star to our Union.  The Board at Unit 9200 will continue to “Make Westchester Strong” and provide the best resources and training for the employees of Westchester.  My executive team would like to extend our gratitude towards our valuable union members from around Westchester County.  We hope you can clear out some time and stop by the office to celebrate with us.

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 Let the magic of the holidays fill the atmosphere with good cheer. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I appreciate everything that you all have done for me over this past year.

Happy holidays!


President Hattie E. Adams 


Summer Mission for Westchester County Employees

Rosie the Riveter wearing sunglasses with text: It's going to be a hot union summerNew York is Union Strong because we are united. We share common values and interests, and we care about each other. One of the most important ways we can grow stronger as a movement is to talk with one another.

We’re making this summer a Hot Union Summer by having those conversations with members in every corner of the state. We want to hear from everyone about what they think our priorities should be as a movement, and what they think our state and federal elected officials should prioritize.

The survey is available online for any union member to take. Make sure your voice is heard!