Test Examination Guide Books

The CSEA WORK Institute offers 32 test preparation booklets that are designed to help individuals prepare to take state and local government civil service exams.
Booklet titles correspond with topics listed on civil service exam announcements under the heading “Subject of Written Examination.”

CSEA members: Click here to see the CSEA web page to receive free booklets.  First-time users will need to activate an account in order to access the books. Please remember to change your password and set a security question after you log in for the first time.

CSEA Member Benefit per our Contract:
Exam Fees: Current CSEA Westchester County employees who take Promotional  Exams shall pay only $15.00.  For each $15.00 fee, current CSEA employees may take a maximum of two promotional exams on the same test date.  This is per our current union contract, page 38.
The customary fee still applies for each Open Competitive exam.
Be certain to pay the reduced fee for Promotional exams.  The County HR office might not inform you when applying for an exam!


Online Courses for Civil Service Exams available from the www.CSEALearningCenter.org


Exam & Job Openings in NY State, Judicial System, County, and City jurisdictions.