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Who is CSEA?

Civil Service Employees Association – Our Union

We are workers who join together in solidarity to have clout at the negotiating table, in the political arena and in our communities. We are individuals who know that you have to belong to be strong, and we negotiate with our employers from a position of strength that comes from union membership.

Negotiating contracts is our number one priority. Everything our members have earned on our jobs, including fair wages, health insurance, benefits, leave time and our workplace rules, is the result of contract negotiations. To ensure our contracts are enforced, CSEA headquarters provides members with numerous resources including labor relations, legal, communications and field services.

CSEA, the Civil Service Employees Association, is proud that we are a grassroots union where members themselves elect their officers and where only members can serve on negotiating teams and vote to ratify contracts.

CSEA also has a respected political action network to represent your interests before elected officials. As Local 1000 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, we belong to the most powerful international union in the United States.

To our members we say:  Get involved.
The more involved you are, the more rewarding your membership will be.

Westchester Unit 9200:   www.CSEA9200.org                Headquarters web:   www.CSEAny.org

Headquarters Member page: https://cseany.org/?page_id=401

AFL-CIO: Washington, DC; the American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Organizations.  Most unions in the USA are part of the AFL-CIO.

AFSCME: Washington, DC; the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees.
CSEA is the largest local of AFSCME.  AFSCME represents municipal workers from coast to coast in the USA; approximately 1,600,000 union members.

CSEA Local 1000:  Our Headquarters for CSEA located in Albany, NY (aka “statewide”) the Civil Service Employees Association; approximately 275,000 members.

CSEA Southern Region 3  The regional CSEA office in Beacon, NY covering 7 counties: Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam and Sullivan; approximately 35,000 members.

CSEA Local 860: Over 100 CSEA Units in Westchester County including city, town, village, library, community college, hospital, county & school districts. The office is located at 595 W Hartsdale Ave, White Plains, NY 10605 and serves approximately 12,000 CSEA members.

CSEA Unit 9200 Westchester County Employees (our union in Westchester County government)
Our office is at 112 East Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601 4th floor; over 3,100 CSEA members.

We are all union members in CSEA Local 860, Region 3, CSEA Local 1000, of AFSCME, and of the AFL-CIO.

CSEA conducts elections every 4 years for Presidents and officers of Units, Locals, Regions and statewide offices.  Any CSEA member in good standing may run for office.