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What is Pet Insurance?

Click:  Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. Pet insurance helps you afford the best course of treatment, protects against major financial setbacks, and can give you peace of mind as a pet parent. Having a pet insurance plan allows you to focus on getting the best care for your pet without worrying about the financial burden.



Save $15 off our $50 Annual Membership Fee; $35 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee).
Save $25 off our $100 Annual Rewards Membership Fee; $75 + NYS sales tax (100% money back guarantee).
All first-time members receive a free $50 gift card.

Reduced price for CSEA members.  $29.95 to join to receive:

$100 in Clipped Coupons Mailed to you Monthly, Thousands of Printable Coupons, Savings on Shopping & Travel.  A $25 Dining Reward Every Month.
Click: the orange logo for information 



The Union Plus® web site has many benefits and discounts available to union members.  Mortgages; amusement parks & vacation travel; dental, health,and vision plans; cell phones; pet care; auto rentals; car buying; credit cards; restaurants, and others.

Solar energy benefit for CSEA members.  American Solar Partners  (914) 699-3366 American made solar modules installed by certified union contractors.  Ted Forker is a member of CSEA Local 882 working in the Village of Freeport, NY                   Click:  Two page flyer.



Union members get Discounted Plans from AT&T wireless 

CSEA Union members get discounts on MOST AT&T cellular monthly bills including monthly service  Call toll free 1-877-882-5258.
Notify the AT&T customer service operator that the Union Plus AT&T Wireless Discount FAN number is: 3508840.

AT&T is the only unionized wireless phone provider in the US. Not only will you be saving – you’ll be supporting union workers and their families. AT&T respects the collective bargaining process and is the only wireless company that is completely unionized. Some 40,000 AT&T Mobility employees are represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

You could be saving $ on your cell phone bill for being a union member.
Save up to 20% on Verizon or AT&T!

(AT&T) Click below to see if you’re eligible. Be sure to use your work email to validate the savings:

(VERIZON) Click below to see if you’re eligible.


 Buyer’s Edge: Save money when buying almost everything.   See details here   

Buyer’s Edge Inc.  wants to help you Shop Smarter by offering “Lowest Prices Guaranteed” on Major Purchases such as Appliances, TV’s, Cars, Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets and 14 other categories.   It is FREE and convenient!
Just click below to learn more.     Important info: CSEA  Group # 1811  Username: 1811(your group #)Password:  CSEA


TDF membership is your ticket to the performing arts at affordable prices. Members enjoy access to hundreds of Broadway, Off Broadway, music and dance productions each year for only $9 to $45 a ticket. We invite you to see if you qualify to join the more than 90,000 theater lovers who get the best deals through TDF.  Union Members, Retirees, and Civil Service workers are among those who qualify for membership to save hundreds on just one performance for a party of 4.
Membership is $30.



Working Advantage Discounts:  Create your free account by registering on this site and use the CSEA Company Member ID of 744387769 to obtain discounts on movie tickets, ski resorts, theme parks, Broadway theatre, and online shopping retailers:


AFSCME Advantage discounts to union members through our parent union.

Exam Fees: Current CSEA Westchester County employees who take Promotional  Exams shall pay only $15.00.  For each $15.00 fee, current CSEA employees may take a maximum of two promotional exams on the same test date.  This is per our current union contract, page 38.
The customary fee still applies for each Open Competitiveexam. Be certain to pay the reduced fee.  The County HR office might not inform you when applying for an exam!